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    Sunset view on Karuma Bridge

    With our safari packages you get to experience the best sunset views around Uganda's wildlife habitants

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    Big 5 in East Africa

    Interested in only Africa's BIG 5? Davema will tailor you a package to visit all parks with most amazing primates & Wildlife.

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    At Davema, we organize the most amazing and romantic honeymoon trips to Zanzibar, Malindi, Mauritius, Maldives or the Seychelles

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    Dubai’s spectacular resorts allow you to luxuriate in five-star glamour, while still reaching the bright lights of the city.

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    Round trips from Abu Dhabi or Dubai aboard the splendid MSC Splendida! Starting from $499 per person

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Come experience East Africa's natural beauty with Uganda being your 1st point of attraction.
Uganda is a country of natural beauty and diversity. Owning to its richness in natural splendor, it is a country that possesses great numbers of Mountain Gorillas, variety of bird species, amazing primates, diversified natinal parks stretching in all corners of the country, impressive springs and great mountains for hiking. See more...

Wildlife Safaris

Uganda known as the number one tourism destination to visit and is one of the most beautiful places in the world that offers a unique connection with the animals, wildlife and cultures. The landscape is spectacular and varied with rolling hills, tundra , desert, lush forests, semi desert, lakes and rivers as well as the great plains and the clear blue skies. See more..

Wildlife Safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania

Bird Watching Safaris

Uganda has over 1017 bird species and this figure constitutes more than 10% of the world's species. See more

Bird Watching Safaris

Air Ticketing

We offer affordable air ticketing services for both domestic and international airlines around the world. See more

Travel Solutions

Holiday Packages

Are you planning for a honeymoon, business or family retreat? Davema has got the best packages for holidays in most exotic places around the world. From Dubai, Abu dabi to Mombasa, Zanzibar, seychelles, Malindi and so many others. See more



Uganda at Number 4 for top destinations …

The UK top travel and adventure publisher, Rough Guides, has moved Uganda to the... Read more